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Written by: James Krueger On: Feb 23rd, 2018

When my friends at Solo Guitars asked me to write a blog based on guitars, and building; whether it be from scratch or from a kit, I thought to myself, “why would anyone be interested in anything I have to say about these subjects”.  Well after many years (over 40) in music I guess I have made at least as many, if not more mistakes than the average guy or girl out there, and maybe if I tried to impart some of the knowledge I have acquired over the years I could hopefully get someone more interested in building or assembling guitars… or maybe save them from making some of the mistakes I have made.  Luckily for all of you who have purchased a kit from Solo Guitars, a lot of the potential for making these mistakes has been minimized by this great company, the people who run and work it, and the really awesome products they are selling.

My history in this business is much like so many others I know and have known over the years. High-school kid falls in love with the instrument and the rock&roll image, does everything he can to immerse himself in playing and learning. As much as my pals were all into prog-rock and jazz-rock, I had one foot solidly in blues based music and by the time the decade ended, I was playing, tearing apart and re-building guitars and doing sound for my friends and running the occasional super-trooper carbon arc lamp. I gave it all up for a while to start a family but by the 90’s I was back repairing, building both guitars basses and cabinets, working as a tech, consulting and even part-owning a magazine based on vintage guitars. I have worked in virtually all areas of the business from selling to playing and that is where all this incredibly interesting knowledge base comes from….and my obvious sense of humour.

So, if you have already purchased a DIY guitar kit from Solo Guitars, if you have thought about it, or even if you just fell on this blog by accident, you are being welcomed into the Solo Guitars family! What we intend to do with this blog,
the Solo Guitars web page and some future surprises, is give all of you some extra information to go with your kits, or whatever other accessories you will be purchasing.  Hopefully we will be able to answer some of your burning questions regarding pickups, hardware, finishing, strings or even sound and tone.  Or maybe we will just write the occasional blog and address things happening in the guitar business.  In any case, we will be providing a regular blog with new subjects every month….or at least every two, if we can’t fit everything into one month.

Hopefully you have found some success or at least some pleasure in purchasing and assembling a Solo Guitars kit.  They are pretty great!  So if you have any questions regarding the kits, or the process of building/finishing a kit, please feel free to contact Solo Guitars on the website or the telephone, and we will do our best to address all your concerns and your questions!

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