Guitar Of The Month – April, 2018

Unfinished Guitar Kits Written by: Kevin Strom On: May 1st, 2018

Congratulations goes out to Vasily Velikolepni for his guitar build, to earn him Guitar of the Month for April 2018.

Vasily upgraded his STK-15 guitar with a Fender Tex-Mex loaded pickguard, Fender locking tuners & Wilkinson WVC-SB Chrome 6-Hole Vintage Strat Tremolo Bridge.

“I used 2 colours of oil based paint, one colour for the first 2 layers and a little darker colour for the other 4 layers to achieve a nice relicing effect.  After sanding in between all 6 layers, I used sand blocks and a sanding machine to make it more raw and natural.  I used the bigger size sanding discs and used the corner of rounding mechanism with an abrasive material on it.  I then made a top coat from clear gloss acrylic lacquer and polished it.

The neck aging process was much easier.  First I tinted it (kind of amber), then used 3 layers of gloss lacquer followed by some wet sanding.  In the parts where I felt it would look aged best, I used a black water base like Rit dye and then sanded it with a very fine sandpaper (1000-2000-8000)

After finishing this guitar I realized I want more!”

Vasily Velikolepni


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