Guitar Of The Month – May, 2018

DIY Guitar Kits Canada Written by: Kevin Strom On: Jun 6th, 2018

Congratulations goes out to Kevin Taylor for his guitar build, to earn him Guitar of the Month for May 2018.

“The idea goes back as far as when I was 16 and listened to mostly Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Eddie Van Halen. Once I stumbled across the web and found Solo Guitars and zoned in on the JEM style guitar with the pearl inlay neck, I was hooked!

My vision was to combine Steve Vai’s look from the JEM, with a more rounded body contour similar to Satriani’s JS style guitars. I added in the claw towards the back of the Floyd Rose for some attitude.  After having everything smoothed and rounded off, I wanted the tree of life pearl inlay from the neck to curve down and continue onto the body in order to accent the neck.  The cut-outs that run from the top of the guitar, down and around the base were carved out using a Dremel tool to give it a fossil/seashell look. The hardest part to carve was the fossil/seashell section as I didn’t want to disturb the tree of life on the main body because I only wood burned that in.  I carved a feather which symbolizes freedom with the accent of the pearl inlay on the neck, hence why I named the guitar after my youngest daughter Ariel Pearl.  I also wood burned her name into the headstock.  Once the curves were all sanded down smooth, I used my high temp wood burning kit to wood burn the deep parts of the grooves that were cut out. I found that by doing this, it gave it more depth as I did not wood burn everything.  Using one of my wife’s socks that she doesn’t know I used, I applied an even stain to the whole body. With the final clear coat varnish spray applied to it, the only other thing to do was put it together.  

I have played a number of guitars over my life time and it just totally amazes me of the quality of the parts that made up this purchase worked out in my favor and it plays great!! I have already picked out as to what kits I will be tackling next and look forward to producing new sounds.

Thanks to Solo Guitars and staff for your great support.”

-Kevin Taylor

3 Responses to “Guitar Of The Month – May, 2018”

  1. allen.simoni says:

    A beautiful work of art. I hope it plays as great as it looks. Nice work … Congratulations!


  2. ktaylor says:

    Thanks Al. Yes the guitar plays amazing. If you go onto my FB page you can hear it in my video. Kevin Taylor, Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. I cannot wait for the next one I will be doing (once I receive the kit). Excited!!

  3. stevenbartlett123 says:

    Beautiful job, what is your Facebook page? I’d like to see your video.

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