Guitar Of The Month – August, 2018

DIY Ukulele Kits Written by: Kevin Strom On: Sep 4th, 2018

Congratulations goes out to Matt Mastromatteo for his guitar build, to earn him Guitar of the Month for August 2018.

Matt used our SGK-10 guitar kit, to create his guitar.

As an added bonus, Matt provided a video link to the finished product.  Click Here

The Concept..

The concept included steampunk gears, a skulls background and a stone veneer center plate on the front of the guitar body.

The Story..

This was to mimic a time machine locking device buried beneath a stone slab that imprisons the dead bodies of times past.
Peering from under the slab we see hundreds of “souls” trying to escape but the doors to freedom are jammed shut unless the gear mechanism resets and opens the rest of the way. (What a story teller..)

The Build..

That is real stone veneer running down the center of the guitar and then wraps around the area where the control knobs, toggle switch and jack input are located. Over a hundred screws were used to also add some effect.  The paint job was painstakingly done by hand using acrylic paint and applied in such a way to give the effect of granite rock on the front, sides, back and neck of the guitar.  All painted surfaces were sealed with Wipe on Poly. Many coats were applied and sanded after every 4-6 coats.  Three different polishing and wax compounds were applied and polished by hand and a final polish using a buffing wheel.

The gear design is carried through to the front and back of the neck stock.  Gears continue on the tone/volume knobs, toggle switch, jack input and truss rod cover.  The skulls design was created on my computer and applied using a waterslide decal process. The background of the granite effect paint job was done a little lighter on the front in order to highlight to skulls.  The gear design on the front took many hours of trial and error to finally come up with the final setup, and that also was pleasing to the eye and made sense.  Pewter skull rings were used around the 2 pickups and skull tuners mounted on the neck stock.

I am happy with the way it turned out.

A few design decisions and changes were made along the way but overall it came out nice.  And yes… plays very well.

I would like to acknowledge John Guenther (a true artist) for his thumbs up which allowed me to follow my pursuit this design.”

-Matt Mastromatteo


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  1. sam_austin sam_austin says:

    Hey nice looking guitar Matt! Let me ask, when you play it, does it shred you? 😂😂
    Your buddy Sam ….

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