Guitar Of The Month – January, 2019

Written by: Kevin Strom On: Feb 14th, 2019

Congratulations goes out to Dave Blakemore for his guitar build, to earn him Guitar of the Month for January 2019.

Dave used our ESK-35T DIY kit to create his guitar.

At 71 I decided I would like to learn how to play guitar.  I needed an incentive so decided I would build a guitar from kit and not only learn to play, but learn the basics behind guitar building at the same time.

I decided on the Solo ESK-35T kit and was really pleased I did.  The quality and service was the best.

I really wanted to personalize it, to make it my own. A number of years ago I had put together a design for a tattoo that I now have on the inside of my forearm, it embodies the story of my family. So it was decided, a copy of the tattoo, as if it had rubbed off my arm onto the guitar. I loved the idea and decided I would buy myself the necessary wood-burning tools and teach myself the art of pyrography in order to replicate the tattoo design onto the body of the guitar.  I then added my monogram onto the headstock to blend in with the body design and to finish the look.

The rest of the build went well, sanding everything down with 320 and 400 grit garnet paper.  To get the color I wanted for the neck I blended two minwax stains, a dark walnut and a red mahogany.  For the body I wanted a look similar to the “Lennon Epiphone Casino” that he used on the rooftop concert 50 years ago and a “minwax ipswitch pine” stain came through looking really nice.

Once the wood-burning and staining was complete I finished the project with 10 coats of Tru-Oil with a light burnishing after every 3 or 4 coats.

I really enjoyed the project and can’t wait to do the next one.”

-Dave Blakemore

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  1. sgchickster says:

    Beautiful work! Love the natural tone and the designs. Outstanding!
    – Shawn C.

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