Guitar Of The Month – February, 2019

Written by: Kevin Strom On: Mar 13th, 2019

Congratulations goes out to Jim & Steffen Watkins for their guitar build, to earn them Guitar of the Month for February 2019.

Jim & Steffen used our LPK-200 DIY kit to create their guitar.

“The Green Machine arrived Christmas morning, a complete surprise. Never had I guessed what would be hiding under the tree that morning. 

Initially a gift from my dad, which turned into a special project for the both of us, the Solo Guitar Les Paul kit unleashed a wave of creativity. I had always known that I wanted a green guitar, but believe it or not it is extremely difficult to find green guitars out in the wild, especially those with the same emerald green finish we were able to achieve. 

From the beginning of the project we planned meticulously, from the finishes we selected to the project’s completion schedule. Every step was a memorable experience, especially the part where I doused my face, neck, arms, and torso (and half the garage) with at least three cups of liquid green wood stain in a mason jar malfunction. 

During the project we realized that we needed help, and our two man project turned into a four man show. Enlisting the help and advice of a family friend and neighbor, who happens to be a woodworking expert with one of his colleagues, we were able to get the grain of the body evenly keeled and the green stain applied without soaking the body. We achieved the finish with the help of an orbital sander and varying grits of sandpaper, ranging from 400 to a final 1500 grit wet-sand. 

Fast forward to completion, and post wiring, the guitar is fully assembled and has a neck profile I had only dreamed of. I am still shocked with how fast and comfortable the neck of this guitar is. Both my dad and I are very satisfied with our Solo Guitars Les Paul, and will continue to remember the experience with the fondest memories for decades to come. 

Looking forward, we plan on slapping some Seymour Duncan humbuckers in the body and really hot rodding the axe to give it a truly custom look and feel. 

Now it’s my old man’s turn to get doused in wood stain and see whose laughing this time.”

-Steffen Watkins

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  1. drdbailey says:

    Gorgeous! Great job, guys! Good to know that there was only a minor stain malfunction.
    Be sure to post your hot rodded axe once you start down that road.

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