Guitar Of The Month – June, 2019

Written by: Kevin Strom On: Jul 9th, 2019

Congratulations goes out to Simon Enns for his guitar build, to earn him Guitar of the Month for June 2019.

Simon’s 14 years old and used our FYK-1 DIY kit to create his guitar.

“When I started playing guitar at the age of 7, I knew one day I wanted to build one of my own.  I was never quite sure where to start when a friend of my dad’s told me about a bass he built using a kit from Solo Guitars.  I immediately added a Solo guitar kit to my Christmas list hoping that I would finally be able to get a guitar in the shape I wanted and in the colour I wanted.  I also thought it would be cool to work on the guitar with my dad as a project together.

I chose the Parker Fly shape for its uniqueness – it’s unlike any other guitar shape and I especially love the headstock. 

On Christmas morning I was thrilled to find the guitar under the tree – it was about 2 minutes after I opened it that I already started sanding and making plans.  I knew I wanted some contours on the body and the headstock so my dad and I got out drafting pencils and started to carefully draw out lines for the contours.  When school started back in January, I took the body and neck to my woodworking class and my teacher helped me use a grinder to carve out the body and headstock.  Now I was ready to sand.

I sanded the guitar for hours, using finer and finer sandpaper- from 200 progressively to 1,200 grit to get it super smooth.  In the meantime, I got my dad to polish the frets and file any parts that were a bit rough.  Then we used linseed oil on the fretboard and were amazed at how the colour came alive.  After the crazy (and probably overboard) amounts of sanding I was finally satisfied that the guitar was ready to paint.

To get the amazing finish I asked a friend of my Grandfather’s to help.  Troy is a painting wizard so I knew in his hands my guitar would come out exactly as I wanted.  I knew already that I wanted an orange metal-flake finish so we worked together to find the exact right shade.   I also asked for a black headstock with thin line of Orange in the contour – once I went through everything Troy went to work.  For the body, neck and headstock contour he used Sherwin Williams Automotive line Ultra 7000 custom copper base with gold vibrancy metallic added.  The black on the headstock was done with Sherwin Williams Ultra 7000 Jet Black.  Finally, for the clearcoat he used Sherwin Williams Premium Clear. One coat of primer, three clear coats, some cut-in detailing and a lot of polishing later and the masterpiece was taking shape. 

The final piece before assembly was the pickups – I got a set of Seymour Duncan hot rodded humbuckers and replaced the stock tone pot with a push-push tone so I could easily switch between humbucker and single-coil.  Once my dad and I got the electronics (with some help from YouTube soldering tutorials) we put everything together and strung it up.  It was so amazing to hear those first chords!

I love my guitar and after playing it in a few school concerts I have had many people stop me to take a closer look.  It was great to build it with my dad and spending time together planning and figuring it out.  Special thanks to Matt at Solo for helping get the neck just right and Kevin for encouraging us to send in all the pictures.”

-Simon Enns

4 Responses to “Guitar Of The Month – June, 2019”

  1. John Paterson says:

    Beautiful job. Your axe looks fantastic, creative & most of all original.
    Really nice, congratulations.

  2. Brokentoysandheros says:

    Great color!!!!!!…….u should b very proud!!!!……this is a work of art!!!!………hope u enjoy it forever!!!!!……I’m building a Jem model myself right now …..with upgraded pups n tuners ……………….if I do HALF as good as u did – I would b happy!!!!…….best of luck with future builds!!……..u got an eye for this – so do not stop !!!….

  3. blakemore.dave says:

    Nice job…. love the color

  4. golfprorivesud says:

    Awesome, the contours and the finish are great, cool model

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