Geddy Lee Jazz Bass Pickups by Tom Brantley

Written by: James Krueger On: Aug 6th, 2019

Ok so this month’s blog is a little different…news flash…..My brain often takes a walk to somewhere without cause or reason at times.  I’m not a big fan of unadulterated advertising for the sake of just advertising, but I am a fan of promoting products that are worth the effort.

Let’s wind it back a little… I walk into the offices here at Solo Guitars, just for my regular visit and the boys start getting into this whole ‘guess who was here’….thing.  Well as always with a bit of a yawn I said I’d bite….who was here?  Well this time they did surprise me as they had entertained a visit from my old pal, John ‘Skully’ MacIntosh….

John is a bit of a legend in the guitar tech community with a list of credentials and clients that would make most guys get all star-crossed and envious.  I’ve known John for a really long time, credit him with a bunch of knowledge I am grateful to possess and is probably one of the very few tech type I listen to and believe without question.  Um John has also been Geddy Lee’s guitar/amp tech for the past several years.

Who’s that? you say!  Geddy Lee….as in Rush Geddy Lee?  Yessir as in Rush’s Geddy Lee.  Now, more than a couple guys in the office are stone cold Rush FREAKS so this was a really big thing.  There are many Canadian music icons, but Geddy is right up there with the elite bunch at the top….the history of Rush is well documented and stretches back to 1968.  So having John show up as Geddy’s personal tech was an opportunity to ask questions about performances, gear etc and the Solo Guitar boys took full advantage.

So let’s add the third VIP to this blog, Tom Brantley down in Southport NC.  Tom has been in the pickup winding, rewinding and building business since 1996 when he worked for Lindy Fralin (if you don’t know Fralin Pickups…look it up….)  and is responsible for Geddy’s winds and rewinds on his infamous Fender and Rickenbacher basses (which is why Skully; as Ged’s tech,  knows him).  He has earned himself a pretty amazing reputation for his quality work and his dedication to tone, vintage sound and custom winds.  Tom also offers the Geddy Lee Jazz Bass Pickups set, which are now available at Solo Guitars! 

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