Guitar Of The Month – July, 2019

Written by: Kevin Strom On: Aug 7th, 2019

Congratulations goes out to Ron Frisby for his guitar build, to earn him Guitar of the Month for July 2019.

Ron used our STK-1 DIY kit to create his guitar.

“When I decided to do this guitar project, I was looking for a quality guitar that was unfinished and ready to work with.  I came across Solo Guitars, and found the prices were great and having a complete raw kit was exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted to make this a painting/guitar project.

I started with the painting to set up for the guitar to match the piece. Since this was my first painting/guitar project I thought it should have a theme from a song I enjoy.  It was then “The Body Electric” from Rush started playing in my art studio.  I decided on the “Dreaming Android” theme, it just seemed to fit perfectly!

The painting itself was done on a wood panel that measured 24” x 48” and I primarily used Winsor & Newton oil paint on both the panel and the guitar as I wanted a consistent color flow.  I put the guitar together to see how it would fit on the panel as well as where to place the guitar hanger.   I was now ready to start the project.

I started by sanding the guitar and then primed it with a Rust-Oleum grey primer.  I then laid out the sketch using a charcoal pencil for this.  Once the piece was sketched out, I sealed it with a fixative to keep it from smudging and lifting when I added paint. 

For the main paint I used Winsor & Newton oil paints.  Most of the colors on the piece are mixed from primary colors so they were custom colours.  I preferred this as it helped me achieve different values and depth that I needed on this project.

Once the paint was dry, I finished the piece with a couple coats of Kosmic Clear from House Of Kolor. I went with automotive clear coat for the durability as I also paint goalie hockey helmets, and I found this clear coat can take a beating!  The project took me about a month to complete as I had to make sure the paint was completely dry before applying the clear coat.  Typically, oils take some time to dry.

The build on this STK kit was extremely easy, this was my first build and as a layman I was pleased at how easy it was.  I used all the components that came with the kit. The only thing I changed were the strings. I used D’Addario‘s.  The sound from this kit is incredible, and the feel and playability’s amazing –  not very different from my Fender Strat.

I truly enjoyed this project and plan to do more, in fact I already have a double neck DJMBK-1 kit for my next painting/guitar project. I enjoyed the quality and service I received from Solo Guitars and plan to use their kits for future art pieces.”

-Ron Frisby

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  1. Pfaugh says:

    That looks amazing!! Congrats on an incredible looking piece of art. I wish I had your talent. I painted mine black.

  2. JoDes says:

    Want a nice piece of art. I am sure it plays as well as it is nice. Thanks for sharing.

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