NAMM 2020

Written by: James Krueger On: Jan 13th, 2020

So many of you out there will not know what this title stands for or what it means.

Well, I’m here to tell you…  First off, Happy New Year to all our friends and customers out there in the Solo universe!  We are hoping 2020 will be more exciting than last year with better service, our brand new showroom and as many new products as we can put on the shelves…. or the website.

Come late November and December, everyone is thinking about Christmas, New Years and the ensuing celebrations.  For all of us in music retail, distribution and manufacturing, our thoughts are focused on NAMM…the National Association of Music Merchants….or simply the largest music trade show this side of the oceans.

NAMM started as the National Association of Piano Dealers way back in 1901.  That show was held in New York and stayed there for the next 20 years.  Later it became the National Association of Piano Merchants and then Music Merchants in 1920.  The show flipped between NY and Chicago for many years until 1970 when it was split into east and west shows.  The first Anaheim show was in 1976 and then finally settled into summer and winter shows taking place in Anaheim CA and Nashville about 1993.

The show boasts over 2000 exhibitors and over 7000 products which are on display for 4 days in January at the Anaheim Convention Centre.  There are also special events, live music performances, celebrities, interviews with the world’s top music innovators artists and musicians and educational sessions based in everything music from instruments and home recording to touring and live production.  Last years attendance numbered over 115,000 people in the 4 days and it is an amazing place to be for anyone in this business!

So why all this fuss about NAMM?  Well some of us here at Solo will be making the trip to Anaheim on the 15th of January for the NAMM show.  We will be looking for new products and new ideas, meeting with new suppliers and existing suppliers all to give you the best and the latest in the music world….I know, I know….it’s a huge sacrifice we have to make.  We will not be enjoying the warm California weather, the entertainment or the food, we promise.  We will do a future blog on the trip however and look at some of the products we found interesting.  Stay tuned!!!!


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