Guitar Of The Month – January, 2020

Written by: Daniel Sacolle On: Feb 10th, 2020

Congratulations goes out to Daniel Sacolle for his guitar build, to earn him Guitar of the Month for January 2020.

Daniel used our DSGK-10 DIY kit as the basis to create his guitar.

“I’ve been a guitar enthusiast and music lover since my childhood.  One day I was searching online and found Solo Guitars and that was the beginning of a rewarding adventurous experience I would have never imagined.   I was ready to get into building a guitar however considering the price of a new Gibson EDS-1275 doubleneck, Zep’s emblematic beauty, I thought why not build one? All this became reality once I visited Solo Guitars web site!

I purchased the Solo DSGK-10 double neck kit and that opened a real adventure for me. After a month waiting for the kit to become available, I got it together with the ST style doubleneck hard case, which by the way is really well built for it In the meantime, I was already investigating how to finish it. Paint? Oil? I was also talking to people who were in the business of car styling and painting, also those who paint custom bikes. It was disappointing to hear that either they wouldn’t consider painting a guitar, or it came with a hefty price.

I decided to carve the body with a design of a snake I found online on a tattoo design site. It was the base for my creativity and skills to further develop the final design. I purchased several hand carving tools, and a Dremel with many tips in order to carve the body. One of the challenges was trying to carve something 3D on a guitar body that wasn’t very thick.  Also trying to get the curve and motion of the snake’s body to look accurate and realistic was a challenge. In the end, I drafted the design on the body and painfully started to carve my newly purchased guitar kit. I must say, every stroke with the carving tool brought second thoughts. I kept thinking “I hope I don’t screw this up” until I could see that the snake started looking like what I had pictured in my mind.

The overall process was carving, sanding, painting, sealing, and finally 4 coats of clear coat (2K gloss clear coat for cars). After several passes with 2500 grit sand paper and waxing the body with Meguiar’s products, I started to stain and oil the neck.

I must say I was delighted to see the kit was flawless in regards to the wood work and condition. Mahogany is an excellent wood for carving and for natural finishing. I added some red tonalities to the stain, but the natural look of the body was great.

When it came to the pickups, I decided on using Gibson pickups.  For the 12-string neck I used a Classic 57’ and a Burstbucker.  For the 6-string neck I used a Classic 57’ and a 490R.  Having knowledge of electronics, I built a pre-amp and added a volume pot and switch for the input/output jack. I did this so when you need a boost for a solo or riff to stand out, the pre-amp will push it nicely.

This has been a great experience and definitely worth the effort. This is certainly not the last guitar I’ll build either. I want to build a semi-hollow body guitar and it’s already in my shopping cart on the Solo Guitars website!”

-Daniel Sacolle

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