Dunlop CJ212 Gary Clark J. Glass Slide

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Blues sensation Gary Clark Jr has breathed new life into one of America’s richest musical traditions. He uses Dunlop Glass Slides to electrify his groovy licks with a thick, accentuated midrange harmonics.

The Gary Clark Jr Glass Slide, like all Dunlop Glass Slides, is made from high quality boron silicate that’s been heat-treated and annealed to create a flawless tube. It features a heavy wall thickness and small diameter.


  • Heavy Wall Thickness – Small Diameter, Short
  • 17 x 25 x 51mm | .67 x .98 x 2.00″ | 6-7 Ring

Item Shown: Dunlop CJ212 Gary Clark J. Glass Slide
: CJ212
: 0710137103511

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