Geddy Lee 4 String Jazz Bass Pickup Set

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Geddy Lee of Rush is one of the greatest bass players of all time.  He’s inspired and influenced many professional players such as Les Claypool of Primus, Tim Commerford of Rage Against The Machine, John Myung of Dream Theater & Mark Stoermer of the Killers, just to name a few.  Don’t discount the many trios jamming in the basement pretending to be Rush.  Not an easy thing to play the part of Geddy Lee especially when trying to replicate keyboards, vocals and most of all the incredible playing and sound of his jazz bass heard on the majority recordings throughout Rush’s legendary career.  Enter Tom Brantley….

Tom Brantley has been rewinding pickups since 1996 when he began working with Lindy Fralin.   He quickly learned the common rewinds such as Fender and Gibson products then expanded what they accepted for repair into the deep reaches of the guitar world.  His reputation has grown within the repair community and with professional guitar players as one of the most competent and dependable pickup repair sources available.

A few years back, Tom was contacted by Geddy Lee’s bass tech John “Skully” McIntosh.  “Skully called me one day and said he needed a Jazz Bass pickup rewound. I can’t recall when I found out it was for Geddy but I was really excited and honored that he chose me to handle the rewind in his #1 1972 Jazz Bass.  I performed the work and he and Geddy were really happy to have it back to it’s original tone. He is very particular about his pickups and wanted his other basses to sound more like his number one too.”  Tom did such a great job that he wound a set of pickups for his #2 bass as well.

“Tom does an amazing job restoring my older Fender pickups to their former glory and beyond: and his custom winds continue to give me that great sound I love from my Fender basses” – Geddy Lee


  • Capture that famous “growl”
  • Wired to same specs as in Geddy’s #1 1972 Jazz Bass
  • Black/White cloth wire
  • Each pickup set is signed by Tom Brantley
  • Includes mounting screws and pickup height foam

Item shown: Geddy Lee 4 String Jazz Bass Pickup Set
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1 review for Geddy Lee 4 String Jazz Bass Pickup Set

  1. 2112miked

    Being a huge RUSH/Geddy fan and a bassist in a RUSH tribute (2112 For The Love Of RUSH), my drummer Sam A, forwarded a message from Kevin S at SOLO Guitars that he had these Geddy wound pickups. After talking with Kevin about them and Skully (Ged’s tech) had talked extensively on the quality of this product, I decided to purchase and install them in my USA Geddy Lee Jazz.

    I was hesitant due to my reluctance to modify anything original, especially anything RUSH. Figuring the Fender stock P/U’s are going to be the best as they can be for this model of Jazz bass, replacing them with a product un heard of by me was a leap of faith. I noticed right away the clarity change in the higher register, the D and G string where previously I’ve had a hard time getting some oomph, clean sounding and responsive.

    Very happy with these and a definite upgrade to the bass, hey…if Geddy uses these by Tom Brantley then I guess good for this Schlep to use them Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk.

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