Hipshot 5G400C SuperTone Gibson Bass Replacement Bridge

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If you’re one of the many Gibson® bass owners who are fed up with their stock bridge, the Hipshot SuperTone is the answer to your prayers. By utilizing the existing mount pattern, the SuperTone gives you a full range of intuitive adjustability and excellent tone transference without any modifications to your bass whatsoever. And with its timeless and elegant lines, the SuperTone will help you look as good as you sound. It’s the bridge your Gibson® has been waiting for.

Comes with screws and allen wrench

Available in Chrome, Black & Gold


  • 3 point mounting bridge
  • Machined from aircraft grade aluminum for maximum precision and durability
  • Hipshot A style saddles give a full range of usable intonation, side-to-side spacing, and height adjustability
  • String silks guaranteed to stay behind the saddles, where they belong
  • Bridge fits flush to the top of the bass for maximum tone transference
  • Quick load slots make string changes easy and keep those sharp ball ends away from your finish
  • Includes standard and metric mounting screws for both Gibson® and Epiphone® models

: Hipshot 5G400C SuperTone Gibson Bass Replacement Bridge
: 5G400C

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