Mohawk Brush Tip Markers 6 Pack Assortment #1

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Mohawk Brush Tip Markers features a micro brush-tip applicator to allow you to apply color exactly where it is needed without any messy powders, fluids or odors. Simple and easy to use, this wood graining marker applies color to imitate the natural grain appearance of wood surfaces after minor repairs.  Features clear crisp colors that hold a thin line.

Colours include: Raw Umber, Dark Cherry, Perfect Brown, Dark Perfect Brown, Honey Spice & Black


  • Quick and easy application, no messy powders, extra brushes or liquids.
  • Low to no odor, easy to use, teach and learn.
  • Use to add grain lines or alter color after application such as Quick Fill® Burn-In Stick
  • Add color to small sand thru areas on a face or edges of a wooden part
  • Add or alter color in any small defect
  • Made in USA

Item shown: Mohawk Brush Tip Markers 6 Pack Assortment #1
Model #: M2652201

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