Nordstrand Big J-Blade 4 Single Coil Pickup Set

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These pickups are an innovative application to the jazz-style pickup using the solutions excavated through discovering the secrets of the Big Blade. Their aesthetic elements reflect the groundbreaking development of signature Nordstrand blade tone. These pickups are the weapon of choice for the war-time jazz player — the funk master that has all but ten seconds to shred his way to infinity before his bass based pride is compromised by an opponent of lesser tone — and have been rendered as such in order to supply the player with a diversifying sound that is broken down even further by its dual choice in winds.

The Big J-Blade is a recent addition to our pickup catalog; a jazz-style single coil with a continuous sensing blade. In order to provide players with a choice in tone, this pickup is offered with either a “warm and wooly” or “clean and clear” wind. As you might have guessed, the names of these winds denote the tone which they have been designed to facilitate. Just as has been demonstrated by our Big Blades, this pickup’s stylish, mean looking slotted blade piece makes sure that each string’s output is accounted for.


  • Big J-Blade Jazz-style Pickup
  • Uniform magnetic field—no worries about pole spacing
  • “Clean and clear” wind
  • Loaded with two ceramic bar magnets
  • Laser cut bobbins
  • Wax-potted to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your desired tone
  • 19mm maximum pitch — works for most basses
  • Blade radius designed for even output in most basses: (14” r: vintage round)

Tone Guide

  • Tonal Balance = 6
  • Mids = 5
  • Dynamics = 8
  • Character/Color = 7

Item shown: Nordstrand Big J-Blade 4 Single Coil Pickup Set
Model #: BJB4SET
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