Solo F Style Mandolin Kit, Sapele Body, Spruce Top, B-Stock

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Product Description

This guitar kit has everything you need for building your own custom F style Mandolin.

B1 Grade consists of mostly cosmetic flaws.  These guitars are otherwise fully functional and perfect for an opaque finish, and may contain the following:

  • Imperfections or blemishes such as knots and stains
  • Minor dings and dents
  • Minor split in veneer
  • Minor crack in body and neck
  • Scratches or scuffs in wood/finish

B2 Grade may contain cosmetic flaws similar to B1 stock, however may require some additional woodwork.  These guitars are otherwise fully functional and additionally may contain the following:

  • Small cracks in wood which require wood filler or glue
  • Plugs or fillers in wood
  • Minor lifting in veneers
  • Blemishes/discoloration/cracks in fingerboard

B3 Grade may contain cosmetic flaws and require additional woodwork. Guitar repair/building knowledge is recommended.  These guitars may contain the following:

  • Crooked routing requiring additional drilling our routing
  • Minor neck repairs
  • Major split in seam
  • Cosmetic issues similar to B1 and B2
  • Shipping damage

**Please note all B-Stock items are sold as is, without our standard warranty and is a final sale.

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