Xvive PT05 Chromatic Pedal Tuner

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Experience speedy tuning with A1 precision. Housed in a mini pedal that’s designed to fit on any pedalboard, the PT05 has an easy to read display: The color display is large, clear, and has excellent visibility under any lighting. So whether you are playing at home, on a dark stage, or outdoors, this pedal has you covered!  This pedal was designed with simplicity in mind. No confusing modes, hidden buttons on the side, or features that don’t belong in a pedal tuner. Simply plug in, tune up, and play some music!


  • Chromatic tuning mode
  • True bypass
  • Mutes output signal when tuning
  • A4 = 436-445Hz
  • Power: 9V DC, center (-)
  • 46 mm (W) x 94 mm (D) x 50 mm (H)

: Xvive PT05 Chromatic Pedal Tuner
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