Xvive V9 Lemon Squeezer Compressor

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Product Description

The Xvive V9 Lemon Squeezer is an analog compressor ground effect. It can be used as a Sustainer or for the typical country picking sounds. A clean guitar gets more pressure, the individual notes are clearly defined.


  • Analog compressor
  • Low distortion for excellent tone quality
  • Increased sustain of instrument notes and chords
  • Compresses dynamic range – all signals at THRESHOLD are kept at same volume
  • Volume/Threshold/Compression-Blend Control
  • Excellent dynamic response
  • Power: 9V DC, center (-)
  • 46 mm (W) x 94 mm (D) x 50 mm (H)

: Xvive V9 Lemon Squeezer Compressor
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