Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a DIY guitar kit?

DIY means Do It Yourself.  Our DIY guitar kits come with everything you need to build and customize your own instrument!
The difficult woodworking and fret work has already been done for you.
Finish the instrument any way you choose, either paint or stain, lacquer or oil.

2. What is a good DIY kit for a first time builder?

All though all our SOLO DIY guitar kits have the challenging woodworking, fret leveling/dressing done for you, the kits do vary in difficulty level.
We recommend a first time builder choose a bolt on neck design as it’s easier to install the neck and other components on the guitar.
Instructions are included to guide you through this process.

3. Why is your pricing so good… Whats the catch?

We are able to keep the pricing on our kits as low as possible because there is no “middle man”.
You are able to buy the kit directly from SOLO Music Gear.

4. What is Blackwood?

Blackwood is One Man Crusade to save what can be saved of rainforest hard and exotic species by former Melbourne University scientist.  The World has lost over half of its rainforests in relentless pursuit of rare, hard and beautiful woods as well as accessing new areas for agricultural exploitation. To the devastating effects. Hardwoods can not be replaced and cleared jungles with no top soil soon turn to barren arid unproductive semi deserts, as rains stop coming.  We don’t know where is the threshold of the point of No Return. It is possible we have already passed it ?!  If that is the case no matter what measures we take, it can only delay the end of all life on Earth, but not avert it.  The past 40 years the undersigned has dedicated to Wood Science research and the last 22 years to a single project – Blackwood

We take plantation grown softwoods, the World already has enough of it, subject it to chemical modification and arrive at unlimited supply of high quality hardwood that is: strong, hard, durable, attractive and suitable for huge range of end uses.

5. What is Solo Pro?

Solo Pro is our own line of products that are made with high quality components and to exact specifications.
All Solo Pro parts are made in Japan unless specified otherwise in the product description.

6. How can I buy a DIY Guitar Kit- payment options?

We sell our kits directly off of our website.  Just click on the model you would like and then add it to your cart.
Through our website we accept PayPal, credit card, or interact e-transfer.
If you are visiting our showroom and want to pick up your item, we also accept cash, debit and credit card.

7. Do you offer Free Shipping?

Yes, All orders over $199 qualify for free shipping.
Please see our Shipping Information page for full details.

8. Do you offer Shipping outside of Canada or the USA?

Yes, Solo Music Gear does offer shipping outside of Canada and the USA.
There is a flat rate applied upon checkout as the respected country is selected.
The flat rate only applies to certain countries, (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, United Kingdom) to name a few.
If your country is not on the checkout page, shipment quotes are still available upon request.
We will need the Solo Product SKU number, and your full address to generate a proper quote.
Please send shipment inquiries to [email protected], or by using our Contact Us Form.

9. Do you make left handed DIY kits

Yes, we have left handed DIY guitar and bass kits.
Currently we stock a selection of the more popular models but we are adding new models over time.

10. Are all your Guitar Kits sealed?

Yes, With the exception of our pre-finished models, all our Kits are lightly coated with a poly resin sealer.
The sealer is to protect the wood from temp and humidity during shipping and its stay in our facility.

11. Do you repair-service stringed instruments?

Yes, we have a full service center and an experienced technician to get your guitar or bass sounding its best and playing like new.
We are also available to help you finish building your kit at any stage.
Full list of services available and pricing are listed in the services section of our website.

12. Do you have a showroom I can visit?

Yes, we have a showroom with our kits on display located at 20 Staffern Dr., Unit 3, Concord, ON – Canada
Our showroom hours are 10-7 Monday to Friday.