Build Your ST Style SOLO

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3 reviews for Build Your ST Style SOLO

  1. mcormier (verified owner)

    The build went extremely well. I didn’t run in any problems at all and the finished product, after the usual adjustments (intonation and stuff), sounds REALLY nice. I will definitely be a repeat customer!

  2. w.tomwilson (verified owner)

    Easy build. The neck was too tight in the body and it caused some chips in the wood of the body when I tried to place it in the pocket. I think it was because when the body is finished, it is not taped off so paint was in the neck pocket. I sanded out the neck pocket a bit and got the neck to fit and the chips are on the under side of the neck so it is not noticable. Also, it doesn’t state on here but be aware that there are no pre-drilled holes. Not a problem but just want to make sure others know that you’ll need a drill.

  3. dmc5614 (verified owner)

    Build went really good. I did upgrade all hardware and electronics to Fenders. Reshaped the head to a correct Stratocaster style. Next build I think will be Firebird.

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