Flat Hourly Rate: $70.00……….Minimum Bench Fee: $20.00

Below is a list of flat rate prices for the most common repairs and custom work.
Some instruments may require inspection from our technicians before a quote is given.
**Please note that all prices listed are for labour charges only and do not include strings or parts.**

Re-stringing – clean and oil fretboard as needed
(Labour Only)

A01 Six String Guitars $20.00
A02 7 String & 8 String $25.00
A03 Guitars with Locking Tremolo $30.00
A04 7 String & 8 String with Tremolo $35.00
A05 Four, Five, and Six String Bass Guitars $20.00
A06 12 String Guitar $30.00
A07 Banjo $25.00
A08 Mandolin $25.00
A09 Violin, Viola $30.00

Setups – includes nut, saddle, truss adjustment, intonation, clean and oil fretboard, clean frets, tighten hardware, cleaning electronics, and re-string
(Labour Only)

B01 6 String Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Banjo $45.00
B02 12 String $50.00
B03 Mandolin $45.00
B04 Floating Tremolo $60.00
B05 Doubleneck (six and twelve) $90.00
B06 Six String Non-locking Tremolo Equipped $45.00
B07 Violin and Viola $50.00

Misc Services
(Labour Only)

C01 New Saddle with Intonated profile $45.00 – $80.00
C02 Install Tuning Machines $30.00 – $60.00
C03 Bridge Adjustment $30.00 – $60.00
C04 Re-Glue Acoustic Bridge $60.00
C05 Re-Glue Acoustic Bridge with pick-up $75.00

SOLO DIY Kit Build Options
(Labour Only)

S01 Glue Set Neck $45.00
S02 Wiring Hollow-body $40.00
S03 Wiring Solid-Body $30.00
S05 Install Machine Heads
**additional charge for 12 string and double neck models**
$15.00 and Up
S06 Install Pickups $20.00 and Up
S07 Left Handed Conversion $40.00 and Up
S08 Complete Kit Build
**finishing not included**
$100.00 and Up
**Prices may vary depending on model of the DIY Guitar Kit**
**Pricing do not include setup or materials/strings**

Wiring and Electronics
(Labour Only)

All custom wiring work is quoted at hourly rate plus parts, please consult our technicians
D01 Acoustic pickup installation $50.00 – $100 and Up
D02 Electric Guitar/Bass pickup installation $40.00 – $100 and Up
D03 Trouble shooting Hourly Rate
D04 Complete Guitar Re-wiring Hourly Rate

All additional services are quoted on-site by our technicians

Certain jobs may also require a setup at an additional charge