Guitar Repair Tech Services

Flat Hourly Rate: $80.00
Minimum Bench Fee
: $30.00 (could be deducted from the final cost of repair)

Re-stringing (Clean and oil fretboard as needed)

A01 Six String Guitars $30.00
A02 7 String & 8 String $40.00
A03 Guitars with Locking Tremolo $40.00
A04 7 String & 8 String with Tremolo $45.00
A05 Four, Five, and Six String Bass Guitars $30.00
A06 12 String Guitar $45.00
A07 Ukulele $30.00
A08 Classical Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Violin, Viola $40.00

Complete Setups (Includes nut & saddle adjustment, truss rod adjustment, intonation, clean and oil fretboard, clean frets, tighten hardware, cleaning electronics, and re-string)

B01 Guitar or Bass $80.00
B02 Ukulele or Mandolin $80.00
B03 12 String $120.00
B04 Acoustic $80.00
B05 Banjo $120.00
B06 Locking Tremolo $120.00
B07 Non-locking Tremolo Equipped $100.00
B08 Double Neck (six and twelve) $200.00
B09 Violin and Viola $120.00

Fret Related Services (For re-frets job, the fret wire is usually $1 per fret)

FD01 Complete Fret Dress $160.00
FD02 Minimum Fret Dress (Level Frets) $70.00
FD03 Glue & Re-set Frets $40.00
FD04 Banjo 5 String Fret Dress $220.00
FD05 Complete Re-fret $320.00
FD06 Partial Re-fret (3-12 frets) $200.00
FD07 Re-fret Bound Fingerboard $340.00
FD08 Re-fret Maple Fingerboard (Clear Lacquer Satin Finish) $340.00
FD09 Re-fret Rickenbacker Finished Fingerboard with Wood Fill $450.00
FD10 Re-fret Banjo 5 String Unbound Fingerboard $340.00
FD11 Re-fret Banjo 5 String Bound Fingerboard $360.00
FD12 Fret Edge Dress $60.00
FD13 De-Fret Guitar or Bass $240.00

Custom Nut Work

NC01 New Guitar & Bass Nut $80.00
NC02 New 12 String guitar Nut $120.00
NC03 New Mandolin Nut $120.00
NC04 New Banjo Nut $80.00
NC05 Install Fender LSR or Floyd Lock Nut $100.00
NC06 Install Pre-Slotted Graphite Nut $40.00

Custom Saddle Work

SC01 New Saddle $50.00
SC02 New Saddle with Intonated Profile $80.00
SC03 Fill & Re-cut Bridge Slot $120.00

Tuning Machines Install

MH01 Retrofit $30.00
MH02 Different Style (Filling in Screw Holes & Minimum Touch Up if needed) $60.00

Bridge Related Work – Acoustic

BW01 Bridge Shave $50.00
BW02 Sub Plate $50.00
BW03 Replacing Bridge Plate $140.00
BW04 Re-glue Acoustic Bridge $160.00
BW08 New Custom Classical or Martin Style Bridge $400.00

Custom Pickguard Installation

PI01 Martin Style $50.00
PI02 Classical $80.00
PI03 Electric Guitar Pickguard $100.00

Left-Handed Conversion

LHC01 New Custom Nut $80.00
LHC02 Fill & Re-cut Bridge Slot $110.00
LHC03 New Saddle $80.00

Structural Repairs

SR01 Cracked Headstock (With Minimum Touch Up) $120.00
SR02 Head Splice (With Re-Finishing as Necessary) $600.00
SR03 Top, Side & Back Cracks $80.00
SR04 Re-Glue Loose Braces $80.00
SR05 Re-Glue Martin Style Pickguard $60.00

Electronic Related Work

EW01 Electronics min charge $20.00
EW02 Shielding (paint) $80.00
EW03 Pot Replacement (volume or tone) $20.00
EW04 Push-Pull Pot $40.00
EW05 Output Jack $20.00
EW06 Blade Switch Install/Replacement $40.00
EW07 Toggle Switch Install/Replacement $40.00
EW08 Super Switch (if diagram is provided) $80.00
EW09 Mini Toggle $20.00

Pickup Installation

PI01 Trouble Shooting Hourly Rate
PI02 Pick-up Potting $60.00
PI03 Acoustic Pick-up Installation $100.00
PI04 One Pickup $40.00
PI05 Two Pickups $60.00
PI06 Three Pickups $80.00
PI07 4 conductor wiring Additional $10.00
PI08 Wiring 335 Hollow Body Style $160.00

Misc. Work (Labour Only)

MW01 Trouble Shooting Hourly Rate
MW05 Install Banjo Head $60.00
MW06 Install Skin Banjo Head $80.00
MW07 Replacing Bolt-On Style Necks $80.00
MW08 Custom Routing Hourly Rate

SOLO DIY Kit Build Options (Prices may vary depending on model of the DIY Guitar Kit)

S01 Glue Set Neck $50.00
S02 Wiring Hollow-body $100.00
S03 Wiring Solid-Body $70.00
S04 Remove Poly Sealer $60.00
S05 Install Machine Heads (Additional charge for 12 string and double neck models) $30.00
S06 Install Pickups $40.00
S07 Left-Handed Conversion $60.00
S08 Complete Kit Build – Finishing not included $120.00

** All additional services that are not listed above are quoted on-site by our technicians **