Let’s hear from you…the readers!

Let’s hear from you…the readers! Written by: James Krueger On: Oct 12th, 2023

I have been around this company, Solo Guitars, since it was born….years back, in a different place, with different people and a different plan.  Yes there were kits and that was about it for a while. Then the company started to carry some parts, but the task was daunting….too many parts, too many SKU’s and just not enough time and people to organize, list and sell the stuff.  Jump forward a bit to when the company was run by 2 partners and the concept of carrying many parts and accessories was born.  I was along for the ride, taking care of various things but primarily adding my knowledge and experience to what was being considered for stock.  Jump ahead once more, and the company is now family owned and not only did they decide to carry more parts….they decided to carry ‘all’ the parts.  For some reason, they have kindly kept me in the fold and I continue to offer my experience and knowledge, as well as my writing ability for manuals and also ‘The Blog’.

So after a few years of coming up with monthly ideas, we all kind of feel that it is time to change things up a bit.  Not so much that I have run out of ideas…there are lots out there, but to keep the blog within a certain parameter of word counts and subjects…it does pose some issues on occasion.  We have thought about video blogs and demonstrating the use of some of our tools and jigs.  We have thought about expanding the parameter as far as subject…let’s talk about guitar players and bands, music genres and styles or just music alone.  Everyone here at the office has some idea of what they would like to see, but it’s not up to them!  It’s up to you.

Rather than write up several hundred words on yet another piece of gear, or some technique or new product, we would like to throw the gauntlet to you….the customers in our rather large family who spend their money and time with Solo Guitars purchasing accessories, kits or hardware and strings.  Our customer service team is getting to know so many of you personally that the one thing we all agreed upon was to ask you what you would like to see in the monthly blog.  The floor is open to you…would you like to read more or perhaps would you like to see some video-blogs.  Do you want to learn techniques?  History?  Musicians? Gear?  Literally, if I have no knowledge or interest in the subjects you might pick, we can find some guest writers to add their opinion to your reality.

After all this time, my one concern (actually I have many, but only a few are grounded in reality) is that I am writing about something absolutely no-one has an interest in lol, or that in fact, no-one at all is even reading the ‘Blog’.  However, the level of build quality and finishing techniques out there has become astounding…just look at our ‘Guitar of the Month’ feature.  In order to help or hopefully inspire at least a few of you out there…I am putting the challenge to you.  Write in an idea or a few ideas of what you would like to see in the Blog, or in place of the Blog.  We will give it a couple weeks and then make some decisions as to the direction the Blog will go in over the winter and into 2024!  We thank you for your purchases, and we appreciate your loyalty, but most of all, we consider all of you to be a part of the Solo family!  We will look forward to your suggestions and remember, check out the website for new products , sale items and B-stock specials….there is always something for everyone!

Please leave your suggestion in the comment box below.

5 Responses to “Let’s hear from you…the readers!”

  1. rome says:

    I’d like to see the focus be on build/finish/repair techniques, parts, and tools. Anything I can learn to make guitar-building better, more efficient, more effective, and so on.

    We know to come to Solo for parts, tools, kits, etc., as that’s where the strength of the brand is, I believe. I feel that articles about musicians (interviews or bios) or music theory are available from so many other sources, unless those interviews were more focused on the gear and parts. I think that’s where Solo’s brand power is, rather than being a news source for “state of the recording industry,” so to speak.

    A topic I’ve been curious about, for example, is something like “A Day in the Life of Solo Guitars.” When you receive a shipment of kits, what goes into the inspection process to decide whether it’s acceptable for full retail sale or goes into the B-Stock pile? That’s just one possible subject, but it’s the kind of thing that would be interesting to me as relates to how Solo operates.

  2. franklynharlow says:

    Just wanted to let you know that not only do I read every news letter, but enjoy your insights into all-things-Solo blog. I am quite happy with the way things are. Sometimes change, for the sake of change, makes things worse. My two cents worth.

  3. Stephen says:

    First off, I would say that most people come here for guitar parts and/or guitar building, so I would stick to that. There are so many other sources for generic things like guitar players, equipment and music. I wouldn’t come here for that so stay with the expertise you have built over the years and share that with us, your customers. I do love the guitar of the month features, there are so many talented folks out there.

    I second what rome has said above and would like the focus to be on everything related to guitar building/finishing/parts/tools. Videos are always helpful too but not absolutely necessary since YouTube fills that niche.

    Finally, don’t feel you need to change for the sake of change. You are doing a great job! Thanks.

  4. Greg Dow says:

    I want to know about finishing. I good with the carpentry, assembly, fretwork and setups, but clueless about the finish. How do we get professional finishes with your products in a home workshop?

  5. maxheadroom.lr65 says:

    I agree. Keep doing what your doing James! Thanks for all that you do!

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