Circuit Specialists 60 Watt Soldering Station

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This 60 watt soldering station is appropriate for hobbyists and repair shops.  A front panel led will blink while the system is heating and then once the set temperature has been acquired, it will stop blinking and stay on.  The temperature ranges are presented in Fahrenheit and Celsius scale.

The heat recovery rate for this model is sufficient to use it with lead free solder or traditional rosin core solder that contains lead.  The tip of the soldering iron is grounded to protect static sensitive devices from ESD.


  • Heats up quickly
  • Includes 0.8mm chisel tip.
  • Fahrenheit & Celsius diplay
  • Power Consumption: 60 W max
  • VAC Input:110/120VAC
  • Output Voltage to Soldering Iron: 24VAC
  • Temperature Range: 200° C to 480° C / 392° F to 896° F
  • Cord Assembly: 3 ft
  • Heating element: Dual Core ceramic

: Circuit Specialists 60 Watt Soldering Station
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