Dunlop NC65 Formula 65 Neck Cradle Maintenance Station

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The Dunlop Formula 65 Neck Cradle was developed by renowned guitar builder and master inlay artist Ron Thorn. The Neck Cradle is a revolutionary guitar setup and repair aid. The self-aligning cradle rotates on an axis to provide full support to the back or front of the neck for increased stability during repairs or maintenance work

In the up position, the neck support’s angle can accommodate a wide range of body thicknesses while holding guitars securely in place. Flip the neck cradle into the down position to work on electronics or the back of the guitar–the neoprene pad keeps your guitar from moving and protects the frets from damage. Guitarists, guitar techs, and guitar builders will find the Dunlop Neck Cradle a versatile and indispensable tool that will never leave their workbench.


  • Neck-supporting maintenance stand for electric or acoustic guitars
  • Equally suited for supporting the back or front of your guitar’s neck
  • Perfect for cradling your guitar so you can work with both hands easily

: Dunlop NC65 Formula 65 Neck Cradle Maintenance Station
: NC65
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