Elixir Strings Electric Bass Strings, 4-String, Super Light, Long Scale NANOWEB Coating 14002 (.040 – .095)

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Acoustic guitar strings, acoustic strings, guitar strings online el_2 el_3
Tone Warm, robust, and “played-in” Full-bodied with sparkling high-end clarity Crisp and bright with a vibrant presence
Feel Slick, fast Smoother, more traditional Smoother, more traditional
Wrap Wire 80/20 Bronze Phosphor Bronze 80/20 Bronze
Coating Original POLYWEB Ultra-thin NANOWEB Ultra-thin NANOWEB
Plain Steel Strings Anti-Rust Plated Anti-Rust Plated Anti-Rust Plated
Tone Life Longest-lasting Longest-lasting Longest-lasting

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Delivering the same long-lasting, amazing tone players worldwide count on for their acoustic guitars, Elixir Strings also offers a varied array of premium string options for other styles and instruments!

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Made For Musicians Who Just Want To Play More Music

Premium, long-lasting acoustic guitar strings from Elixir Strings

Ever since pioneering coated string technology in 1997, our reason for making premium guitar strings has remained simple—we want you to have more quality playing time between the hassle and cost of string changes. And gig after gig, session after session, lesson after lesson, we’ve delivered. In fact, experienced players worldwide trust our corrosion-defying strings to keep their tone longer than any other brand’s coated or uncoated strings,* and we’re proud to stand as America’s #1 acoustic guitar string brand.**

We now offer three premium acoustic string options, each featuring our patented coating technology, to help you find exactly the tone and feel you’re looking for. Thanks to the unique differences between metals and coatings, we offer a long-lasting set for any style. From bright and sparkling to rich and robust, the dynamic range of available sound is yours for the picking. Of course, finding the string that’s right for you is a matter of personal preference. So try them out for yourself!

* Elixir Strings player survey | ** MI SalesTrak (US $ Vol) | GORE, ELIXIR, NANOWEB, POLYWEB, GREAT TONE LONG LIFE, ‘e’ icon, and other designs are trademarks of W.L. Gore & Associates.

  • Elixir Strings 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings w POLYWEB Coating
  • Elixir Strings Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings w NANOWEB Coating
  • Elixir Strings 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings w NANOWEB Coating

Superior Technology. Superior Strings.





Less Sweat, Debris, And Finger Squeak

The way your strings sound has a lot to do with what you normally can’t see. While both of our patented coatings reduce noisy finger squeak, they also cut down on a large number of other pesky annoyances common to your average uncoated string. Sweat, skin, dirt, and even air, for example, can do a lot of damage to your strings. And if you live in a hot, humid area, the moisture in the atmosphere can wreak total havoc on your strings’ tone life. But with Elixir Strings, you’re getting world-class protection that’s engineered to endure.

Polyweb Coating Vs NANOWEB Coating

POLYWEB Coating was our first coated string innovation all the way back in the ’90s. It tends to warm and mellow the string’s tone and has a fast, slick feel that’s gentle on the fingers, which lets players keep jamming without the strings getting in the way. As a response to players who said they prefer a more traditional feel, NANOWEB Coating was then designed. This ultra-thin coating allows a brighter, crisper tone while offering the same amount of tone-life protection as its predecessor.

Coated Like No Other

Unlike other string brands, Elixir Strings coats the whole string. This protects not only the outer string surface but also the gaps between the windings where common tone-deadening gunk typically builds up in other brands’ coated and uncoated guitar strings. That’s why Elixir strings retain their tone longer than any other brand’s string, coated or uncoated. Simply put, build-up and corrosion kill your tone, and Elixir strings protect against elements that cause build-up and corrosion. All while sounding exactly how you’d expect a premium set of strings to sound.

Anti-Rust Plating

Corrosion protection between wrap wire windings is all well and good, but you may be asking yourself, ‘What about the strings that don’t have a wrap wire?’ And we’re proud to tell you, don’t worry—we’ve got those covered too. Literally. With our signature Anti-Rust Plating, even your plain steel strings defy the elements. This ensures longer tone life not just for your coated wound strings, but for your entire set. When we say you’ll have more gigging, jamming, touring, or practice time between string changes, we mean it.

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