EMG SPC Active Strat Presence Control – 169

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Product Description

The SPC or “Strat Presence Control” is often called the fat control. The original intent of the SPC was to allow guitar players to boost the midrange and volume of their single coil pickup to give it a sound similar to a humbucker. This is accomplished by boosting the gain in a broad mid-band fashion and reducing the highs as you turn the knob up.

The result is a fatter, louder tone from any single coil pickup. It can also be used with a humbucker to increase your overall volume and midrange for a really fat tone that’s great for slide guitar.


  • Tone control
  • Turns tone of a single-coil pickup into a dual-coil
  • Produces fatter, louder tone
  • Can increase overall volume and midrange with a humbucker
  • Includes output jack and battery clip set

Included in box

  • Output jack and battery clip set.

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