Fender® Mini ’57 Twin-Amp

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Designed to replicate the traditional styling and design for the legendary ’57 Twin-Amp, this portable headphone amp imparts a classic look for at-home practice or play on the go. Capture the vibe of early ’50s tweed amps—from the vintage-style exterior to the brown old-school grille—with the versatility of 9V battery power or an AC adapter.

Best of all, this one-watt amp comes with all the controls you need to dial in your signature sound no matter the location, including Volume, Tone and Gain controls and a built-in distortion.


  • One-watt single-channel amplifier
  • Genuine vintage styling, including tweed covering and leather handle
  • Dual 2″ speakers
  • Dedicated tone, volume and gain controls
  • Built-in distortion
  • 1/4″ headphone jack and 9V adapter jack

Item shown: Mini ’57 Twin-Amp™, Tweed
: 0234811000
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