Fender® Tone Saver – 500K

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If you experience tonal change when turning down the volume control on your guitar, the Fender Tone Saver is a great solution. Unlike traditional treble bleed circuits that involve connecting tiny parts together with delicate soldering, the Tone Saver contains a special R/C network inside one convenient enclosure that will keep your guitar’s tone remarkably consistent at any setting. Just solder the leads to the center and outside lugs of your guitar’s volume control and you’re done.


  • Allows volume reduction without sacrificing tone
  • Classic Mylar and tin foil construction for crisp clear tones
  • Dual solder point design for easy addition to any existing volume control
  • Fits most vintage and modern guitars using 500K control pots

: Fender® Tone Saver – 500K
: 7706417049


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