GluBoost Non Blushing Glue Dry Accelerator

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Product Description

No bubbling, no pitting, no hazing, or yellowing ever! Consistently clear and fast cure every time with far less dust and sanding!

Experience the GluBoost best-in- class difference in your workplace today!


  • This is a professional woodworking & luthier product
  • No bubbling or pitting, clouding, hazing or yellowing!
  • Works fast and saves you time and effort
  • Less filing needed and less dust in your workplace!
  • Glues dry instantly as clear and smooth as glass!
  • Great for bonding two parts together
  • Never stains your wood work

Item shown: GluBoost Non Blushing Glue Dry Accelerator
Model #: GU-GB-GLUB4
UPC: 697691530390

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