Gotoh 35G510SMN Classical Machine Heads Set of 3 + 3

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These parts are born from GOTOH’s latest, state of the art manufacturing processes.  In order to breathe life into these parts and to build the finest machine heads in the world, they are exquisitely finished by skilled artisans, with absolutely no compromise. The work of craftsmen on each individual part has gained the classic machine heads of the 35G510 series, critical acclaim and trustworthiness in the eyes of musicians all over the world.

Each part is produced by the GOTOH’s most advanced technology and technicians who inspire those machine heads a spirit have concentrated to complete with delicacy feeling without compromise to the highest level of classical machine heads in the world.  Connection of one part by one and each person by person supports the 35G510 series that have been receiving the highest reputation and confidence from a lot of users in the world.

This is a complete set of 6 machine heads configured 3+3


  • LUBRI-PLATE lubrication for smooth gear meshing and improved durability
  • ROCK-SOLID posts prevent the rocking or rattling of string post
  • Shaft length –  30 mm
  • Shaft diameter – 10 mm
  • Gear ratio – 1:16
: Gotoh 35G510SMN Classical Machine Heads
: 35G510SMN
UPC: 787392889450

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