Groove Tubes® GT-ECC83-S Select – Preamp Tube

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GT-ECC83-S tubes pass every Groove Tubes premium certification for microphonics, hum, physical characteristics and function. Quite simply the best 9-pin triode preamp tubes you can buy — specifically designed and tested for musical instrument amplification and standard equipment on Fender® amps. Outstanding and consistent performance for mixing and matching to get a signature tone from your amp.

Our highest-gain preamp tube, this tube has a huge amount of gain, with terrific output that makes it a great choice for driving modern, complex high-gain circuits. It has a tight, strong and relatively bright tone that can really liven up a weak or tired old vintage amp or a new amp with stock tubes.


  • 9-pin triode design
  • Perfect for modern, high-gain amp circuits
  • Highest gain preamp tube offered by Groove Tubes
  • Limited Warranty
: Groove Tubes® GT-ECC83-S SELECT
: 5550112391
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