Hosco S.O.S. Sound Offset Spacers

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All fretted instruments have fatal problem.  That is, when a player presses down on the strings at the fret, the string tension goes up and the tone will be a little bit sharp.  Aware of this problem, many have tried to improve the pitch with compensated saddles and or separated saddles.  This kind of approach improves the pitch, but not perfectly.

S.O.S. (Sound Offset Spacers) were developed by Hosco and are designed to improve the intonation at each fret.  Installs easy by positioning the S.O.S under the strings and against the nut.  The S.O.S. is based on the MTS theory which is an ultimate guitar tuning system based on the laws of physics.

MTS theory succeeded in improving the pitch as correctly as possible with Japanese technology. Inventor, Minehara researched all kinds of problems between string tension and pitch gap. He tested various kinds of standard guitar strings in the world and checked these tensions in his lab. Finally, he derived one formula to calculate the corrected (offset) value from string material, guitar scale and string height. The offset value means the adjustment length from the original scale length.   Adjustment length is not only distance between the nut and 12th fret but also the 12th fret to saddle for each string.

Available for Electric guitar (628mm – 650mm), Acoustic Guitar (643mm-650mm) and Classical guitar (640mm-650mm)


  • Easy installation to your instruments.
  • Improve intonation
  • Made of bakelite
  • Improves pitch from nut to 12th fret
: Hosco S.O.S. Sound Offset Spacers

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