Jescar EVO Gold Fret Wire

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Jescar EVO Gold fretwire is a beautiful gold colored fret wire. It’s a proprietary nickel-free hypoallergenic alloy that was originally devised to make eyeglass frames for individuals with nickel allergies. Harder than nickel wire but softer than stainless steel.  Jescar fretwire is used by many of the top guitar manufacturers and highly regarded repair shops.  You can’t go wrong using Jescar fret wire on your next guitar or bass refret.

Fret Wire is sold in 2ft lengths and is straight and has no radius.

For a complete guitar/bass fretjob purchase 6ft of fretwire
For a complete banjo/mandolin/uke purchase 4 ft of fretwire


  • Gold colored fretwire
  • Sold in 2ft lengths
  • Harder than nickel wire, softer than stainless
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Exact symmetry of profile with centered and perpendicular tangs
  • Barbs with sharp highly defined points to bite into the fret slots and remain securely seated
  • Tolerances accurate to within +/- 0.002″
  • Superfinish surface quality for a bright appearance and smooth finish
  • Greater hardness and tighter grain structure for longer life and playability
: Jescar EVO Gold Fret Wire
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