Line 6 Relay G30 Guitar Wireless System

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Designed for musicians who value pure tone, Relay® digital wireless systems deliver unparalleled sound quality—without compromise. Cable Tone matches the unique character of a standard guitar cable, while digital technology keeps the signal noise-free the whole time you’re in range. You’ve spent countless hours perfecting your tone. Make sure it’s heard loud and clear.

Like all Line 6 digital wireless systems, Relay is incredibly easy to set up. Simply choose any of the available channels and the transmitter and receiver lock together. Instantly. Unlike analog wireless systems, there’s no need for frequency coordination or other setup hassles. You can be confident that your Relay digital guitar wireless system will work hassle-free everywhere—from national tours and local venues to church and school performances.

Whether you’re ten feet away or on the other side of the stage, Relay delivers consistent and dependable guitar wireless signal quality. Unlike analog wireless systems, there’s no risk of unwanted audio interference getting into your signal as you move further from the receiver. You can perform with full confidence, right up to the range limits of your Relay system.

Relay gives you instant access to the features you care about most—no more digging through menus to access essential functions. With clear, easy to read visual displays, Relay guitar wireless makes it simple to monitor battery levels and switch channels on the go. Breeze through setup and focus on your performance.


  • Up to 50-foot range
  • Automatic plug-and-play setup
  • Compact 1/4″ rechargeable transmitter

Item shown: Line 6 Relay G30 Guitar Wireless System
Model #: L6G30
UPC: 614252007818

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