MXR® Custom Badass™ ’78 Distortion

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The MXR Custom Badass ’78 Distortion is a factory-modded pedal that roars with huge amp stack tones and old school tube amp-like distortion.

We took a classic distortion circuit and hot-rodded it to the next level for over-the-top soaring leads and rich, saturated rhythms. With only three knobs, dialing in Badass tone is a cinch. The CRUNCH button allows you to choose between two different modes of diode and LED clipping, boosting the harmonic content of the distortion.

The ’78 Distortion’s wide open amp-like sound sounds great whether it’s in front of a clean amp, a slightly dirty amp, or a full on overdriven amp. Under the hood, this high performance machine features top notch circuitry and hardware meant for a lifetime of use.


  • A hot-rodded classic circuit
  • Roars with huge amp stack tones and old school distortion
  • Delivers soaring leads and rich, saturated rhythms
  • CRUNCH button boosts harmonic content of distortion

Item shown: MXR® Custom Badass™ ’78 Distortion
Model #: M78
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