Power Pins 2.0

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Acoustic guitar bridge plates are constantly under stress produced by the strings, which over time hollows-out traditional bridge pin holes. Power Pins 2.0 are a patented and durable acoustic guitar pin system that leads the string straight through the pin, keeping the string tension on a horizontal plane. They install simply and quickly (no modification required) and, once applied, never need to be removed.

In addition to protecting the bridge, Power Pins 2.0 improve bridge-to-soundboard contact, which evens response, increases tone, and clarifies the individual character of each string, especially when amplified. The reduced brake angle of the strings provides a softer action for easier play, fast and stable tuning, and quicker, simpler, and less dangerous restringing. No more cursing and fighting bridge pins or potentially damaging your guitar.

Made out of aluminum alloy, our Power Pins 2.0 are scratch and rust resistant. They secure tightly to the guitar bridge and are prepared for years of active service.

Inlcudes 6 Power Pins, Power Plate, detailed instruction sheet and installation tool

Available in Chrome, Black & Gold


  • Simple Installation – No Modification
  • Quick Stringing And Tuning
  • Protect the integrity of the bridge plate and can functionally repair previous damage to older guitars.
  • Improve bridge-to-soundboard contact
: Power Pins 2.0

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