Rotosound RS77LD Jazz Bass Monel Flatwound Electric Bass 4 String Set (45-105)

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Flat-wound Rotosound Jazz Bass 77 have been highly praised by Bass Player Magazine as their favorite flat-wound. They are made of stainless steel undercovers and a Monel 400 top tape. Monel is around 65% pure nickel — five times that of stainless! Oasis, Steve Harris, Roger Waters, and many others have all favored this particular string over the years. The steel used to produce these strings is unique, combined with a highly secretive manufacturing process. If you’re looking for bass stings with a smooth feel and excellent tone you can depend on, you need Rotosound Jazz Bass 77 flat-wound Monel strings.


The ‘Monel ‘flatwound bass string that’s been awarded many accolades since its inception.

The RS77 Jazz Bass set has found favour with so many of the worlds top leading artists including the likes of Oasis, Steve Harris, Roger Waters and Herbie Flowers.

The build spec remains a close kept secret but the Monel 400 tape used in the strings making brings out the true character of these strings over the competition who are happy to use the much less costly flattened stainless steel.

These strings are still manufactured the ‘old fashioned way’ by hand on machines that James How built at the end of the 1960’s.


Phil Lynott
Roger Waters
John Deacon
Glen Matlock
Dee Murray


Bad Reputation – Thin Lizzy
Piper at the Gates of Dawn – Pink Floyd
Atom Heart Mother – Pink Floyd
Dark side of the Moon – Pink Floyd
Wish you Were Here – Pink Floyd
Animals – Pink Floyd
The Wall – Pink Floyd
Never Mind the Bollocks – The Sex Pistols
Regatta de Blanc – The Police
Outlandos D’amour – The Police
Zenyata Mondata – The Police
Tumbleweed Connection – Elton John
Honky Chateau – Elton John
Don’t Shoot me I’m only the Piano Player – Elton John
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John
Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy – Elton John
Seventeen Seconds – The Cure


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