Snark ST-8HZ Super Tight Hertz Chromatic Tuner

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A Super Tight Clip on Tuner

The new Snark ST-8HZ model includes faster processing chip, enhanced accuracy, and new high definition screen that can be read from any angle. The all-new ST-8HZ includes hertz tuning mode for even quicker more accurate tuning!

Hz mode for “spot on” Hertz accuracy
The ST-8HZ features Hz tuning… Tune your guitar using the familiar colored needles on the tuner… push the Hz button on the back to dial in tuning down to the Hertz.


  • Upgraded Faster Chip
  • Our Highest Accuracy Ever
  • New High Resolution Screens
  • Read from any Angle
  • Hertz Tuning for Accuracy to 1/10th of 1 Hz
  • Chromatic (Tunes All Instruments)
  • Pitch Calibration
  • Built in Tap Tempo Metronome
  • Display Rotates 360 Degrees
  • Transpose Feature

: Snark ST-8HZ Super Tight Hertz Chromatic Tuner
: ST-8HZ
: 611820002176

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