Solo LP Style Chrome Hardware Pack

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Product Description

The Solo LP Hardware Pack is made up of high quality components that are found on our LP kits.  Easily change the look of your LP guitar by changing up the colour of the hardware.

Hardware Pack includes:

  • 2 x HB Pickups
  • Ivory Pickguard
  • Ivory Back plate
  • Ivory Neck plate
  • Machine heads
  • Strap buttons
  • Output jack
  • Control knobs
  • Guitar strings
  • Switch w/tip
  • All mounting screws

: Solo LP Style Chrome Hardware Pack
UPC: 0787392886671

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2 reviews for Solo LP Style Chrome Hardware Pack

  1. Tim (verified owner)

    I haven’t installed it and tried it yet, but it all looks great, and they were nice enough to send me a pdf of the wiring schematic when I asked.

  2. dowielogan (verified owner)

    I bought this, and it looks great! I haven’t installed the parts yet because I’m still in the process of making my guitar (from scratch) but they look very nice and everything works from what I can tell. When I received the parts, I guess at the shop they had a little mixup (it happens to everyone) and they sent me a wrong knob, I let them know and a few days later the knob I was looking for showed up in my mailbox, without incident, and they paid for shipping.

    My point is: Good products, and incredible customer service. Thank you Solo.

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