Vibramate VB-TPS-1 Tailpiece Kit w/.10 spacer

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The Vibramate Tailpiece kit is designed to fit the hinge plate of a Bigsby B7 or B3 vibrato and with optional Spacers will accommodate situations where guitar bodies are shorter then required to fit the standard Bigsby vibrato installation.

The kit includes the standard Vibramate Padded Tailpiece with mounting screws and Optional Spacer plate in different thickness.

The Vibramate Tailpiece Spacer Adaptor is designed to fit both Bigsby “Original” B7 and B3 vibratos.


  • Does not fit import series B70, B700 or B30 vibratos.
  • Made in USA

Item shown: Vibramate VB-TPS-1 Tailpiece Kit w/.10 spacer
Model #: VB-TPS-1
UPC: 787392889573

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