Wilkinson Vintage 60’s Voiced Tele Neck Position Pickup, Gold

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From their premium range, Wilkinsons WVTN, WVTB & WVOB are probably the best value professional level pickups on the market today for ‘Tele® type’ guitars. These WVTN 60’s-voiced pickups will deliver all of the authentic ‘Twang’ you’ll need. Considering their high quality specifications and superb build quality, you would easily expect to pay 2 or 3 times the price from other pickup manufacturers for similar quality products, they really are that good!
This is the Neck Pickup position only.


  • Supplied with Screws & Springs
  • Approx. Resistance: Neck 6.9k
  • Alnico V Polepiece Magnets • Fibre-board Bobbin
  • Plain Enamel Wire (waxed cloth covered)
  • Distinctive Chrome Logo


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