Babicz FCH-2 Point Trem, Narrow, Original Series

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With FCH, string height or “action” can now be set with more precision. The “eCAM” saddle allows for instant “action” adjustments without ever adding space or air gaps between the saddle and the body of the guitar, and conventional string height action adjustment set screws are eliminated. With the Babicz FCH design, the bridge saddle can never “sink” or “shift” while playing.

Each FCH eCAM saddle also includes a specially designed “String Height Lock” feature, which keeps your string height setting in place…even during extreme saddle vibrations over time. Precise intonation adjustments are also easily attained and in most cases include a “Saddle Housing Lock” feature.

Fits most American made Fender Stratocaster guitars equipped with a 2-Point fulcrum tremolo bridge. Includes tremolo, pivot studs with body inserts, springs, spring clip with screws, tremolo arm, instructions, and adjustment wrench.

Available in Chrome, Black & Gold


  • Over 50 times more string transference over traditional bridge saddles
  • Double locking Original Series design
  • Drop-in fit for most 2-Point Trem Fender Strats
  • Patented eCAM saddle technology
  • Side Saddle lock feature
  • 2-1/16″ string spacing
  • Tempered steel tremolo plate
  • Weight: 9.8 oz.

Item Shown: Babicz FCH-2 Point Trem, Narrow, Original Series

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