EMG Geezer Butler Precision Bass Pickup Set – 4646

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Product Description

The EMG PHZ bass pickup is the passive cousin to our original P design. This P pickup covers a wide sonic palette of classic and modern bass sounds – with the feel and dynamic control you expect from a passive pickup. Because the PHZ utilizes alnico magnets coupled with short, squat coils, the tone has a lot of high-end articulation, warmth, and incredible low end punch.


  • Alnico 5 magnets deliver vintage-flavored tone
  • Deep and tight low end without the hum and noise
  • Fully shielded for optimal performance

Included in box

  • 1 pair mounting screws and springs
  • Includes 5-wire quik-connect
  • Volume pot
  • Tone pot
  • Output jack
  • 1 pickup cable

Item Shown: EMG Geezer Butler Precision Bass Pickup Set – 4645
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