GluBoost Fill N’ Finish Pore Filler & Finisher

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Totally Unique – Finally, a flexible, water clear wood finish and repair product that’s both fast and easy to use! With zero to minimal witness lines, all Fill n’ Finish formulas are truly game changers! Ideal for all your wood finishing, builds, repairs, top coating, inlay work, marquetry, and wood turning.

Use fewer coats and get superior results with these innovative self-leveling formulas! Always faithfully fills pores and gaps and vanquishes cracks, dings and dents!

Use along with Fill n Finish Thin for superior drop fill and finish work. Reliably fills pores on hardwoods! Can be used as a complete wood finish. Compatible with any type of wood finish! Consistently Fresh and Carcinogen free!


  • This is a professional woodworking & luthier product
  • Use Fewer Coats And Get Superior Results
  • Dries water clear and flexible – never creeps
  • Safe for use on all finishes, Nitro, Lacquer, Poly, urethane, and even water-based finishes
  • You can shoot lacquer right over Fill n’ Finish with completely invisible results!
  • 100% pure product so you get superior and stronger results along with a safer workplace
  • Super Fresh – longest shelf life available anywhere
  • Carcinogen-free – Far less irritating
  • Pen in tip cap to prevent clogging
  • Included Whip Tips and Extender Nozzles for pinpoint accuracy
  • Use with GluBoost Accelerator for super-fast finish and repair work!

Item shown: GluBoost Fill N’ Finish Pore Filler & Finisher
Model #: GB-FNF2
UPC: 746760480163

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