Hosco FPR-SET Fret Polishing Rubbers Set

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Polish or erase the small scratches of your frets with this easy and fast fret polishing tool.  Due to the softness of these erasers, the rubber will fit to the fret arches perfectly.  This also keeps the fingerboard damage to a minimum.

Comes in 3 pack and 4 pack which includes 150 grit sanding rubber.  The sanding rubber can be used after fret beveling jobs to make the fret bevels smooth.

FPR-SET3 includes 180/400/1000 grit
FPR-SET4 includes 150 grit sanding rubber & 180/400/1000 grit polishing rubbers


  • Polish fret crown without masking
  • Great rust remover and polisher
  • Easy to cut for custom work
  • Made in Japan
: Hosco FPR-SET Fret Polishing Rubbers Set

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5 reviews for Hosco FPR-SET Fret Polishing Rubbers Set

  1. rafraq

    I bought the set of 4. And they work very well. They saved me a ton of work. I was able to spot level frets with the 150 grit and shape and crown the frets with ease. Then Polish the frets down with 180,400, and 1000 grit. So far I’ve been done 2 necks with them. And should be able to do many more. I’ll definitely buy these again. Thank you so much SOLO. Your team is excellent!!

  2. hforder (verified owner)

    Exactly as expected. Saved a ton of time and did a perfect job. I only intended to do one guitar, but will do more now that I have the tools. I bought the set of 3 and that works perfectly. The higher number for final polishing just like sandpaper numbers. This is a must-have for those working on re-fretting or re-setting frets. I even took my Yamaha 12 string guitar and cleaned up the frets with these. Never looked better or sounded so good.

  3. rohankhemraj (verified owner)

    I just bought a 4 pack of these. I’m happy with the purchase. The erasers are a lot cleaner and faster than using steel wool and sand paper.

  4. pkfolkers (verified owner)

    I bought the set of 3. They worked well to smooth the frets after using a sanding beam. I don’t think they cut as fast as sandpaper, but that is not a bad thing. Getting to a mirror shine will still require buffing with a cloth wheel or ultra fine sandpaper or micro mesh sanding pads. These are definitely less messy than steel wool.

  5. Gregory Bisharat (verified owner)

    A really great tool for quickly getting a decent, very playable, polish on your frets. If you’re using a crowning file on your frets, you may want to use sandpaper to remove the scratches before moving onto these erasers. If you want a mirror like polish, you’ll need to either buff with polishing compound or use micromesh as mentioned above, but at that point it’s merely aesthetics. The erasers will basically conform to the shape of the fret – with that being said if you’re new to using them you may want to cover up your fretboard with tape or use an individual fret protecter.

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