Hosco TWSB 2-Way Wooden Sanding Blocks

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The Hosco original sanding blocks.  Each block has 2 different radius’s one on each side helping you save space and money.

Each size block is 80 x 150mm, and has a sanding area of 65 x 150mm.

Comes in 4 different radius sized blocks:

TWSB-1 – 7-14″ (184mm) / 9-1/2″ (241mm)
TWSB-2 – 10″ (254mm) / 12″ (305mm)
TWSB-3 – 14″ (356mm) / 16″ (406mm)
TWSB-4 – 15″ (381mm) / 20″ (508mm)


  • Alder wood sandblocks
  • 80 x 150mm size wooden blocks for radius fretboard sanding
  • Each block is labeled in both inches and millimeters
  • Made in Japan
: Hosco TWSB 2-Way Wooden Sanding Blocks

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2 reviews for Hosco TWSB 2-Way Wooden Sanding Blocks

  1. jwdooley759 (verified owner)

    Quality product 5 stars, reasonable price….fast but not cheap delivery service.

  2. shimmernshine.karen (verified owner)

    Quality is a five star and a good price, but the shipping is almost as much as the product

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