Solo Nut and Saddle Sander

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The Nut and Saddle Sander is designed to hold a nut or saddle so you can create a perfectly vertical flat surface.  Adjustment screws set the amount you want to remove, and in seconds the saddle or nut piece is squared up.

After inserting the nut or saddle into the spring loaded unit, simply slide the sander across a strip of sandpaper attached to a flat surface.  Once the wheels start turning, you’re done!

To adjust the amount of material you wish to remove, use the two adjustment screws.  The two knobs can be adjusted independently to precisely adjust the tilt of an acoustic bridge saddle.

This tool is typically used after shaping a saddle or nut to its final shape.


  • Solid aluminum body and with brass knobs and steel ball bearing rollers
  • Has two sets of adjustment holes: close for nuts, wide for saddles
  • Each mark on the height-adjusters equals approximately one tenth of a millimeter.
  • Perfectly flat results
  • Can be used with both acoustic saddles and nuts

: Solo Nut and Saddle Sander
: SL-LSNS-31
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