Mohawk E-Z Vinyl® Sealer

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E-Z Vinyl® Sealer aerosol is the perfect choice for spot repairs on kitchen cabinetry, furniture or millwork where improved durability, moisture resistance, and adhesion are critical. E-Z Vinyl® Sealer aerosol is a water clear, quick build sealer and is specifically designed for surface preparation under mid to higher sheen finishes. E-Z Vinyl® Sealer aerosol sprays with good atomization and flow and provides a flexible, moisture resistant surface when applied under all MOHAWK aerosol clear topcoats, especially the pre-catalyzed aerosol lacquers.


  • 42-46 Sheen
  • Compatible to use under any Mohawk aerosol topcoat
  • Improved moisture resistance
  • Non-Stearated formulation
  • 13oz Areosol
  • Made in USA

Item shown: Mohawk E-Z Vinyl® Sealer
Model #: M1028000
UPC: 663392002474

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