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Planet Waves Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning your instrument is important for keeping it looking like new, but it’s also important for keeping it playing and sounding like new. With it’s Microfiber, Pre-treated, and Untreated Polish Cloths, Planet Waves offers three options to keep every instrument looking and sounding great.

Microfiber Polish Cloth

The Planet Waves Microfiber Polish Cloth is a long lasting cloth that can be used on all instruments with or without polishes. The cloth attracts and traps dust, dirt, and oil with fibers that are 2000 times finer than a human hair. By acting like a magnet for stains and smudges the Microfiber Polish Cloth needs little to no polish to thoroughly clean your instrument.

Pre-Treated Polish Cloth

The Pre-Treated Polish Cloth from Planet Waves is made up of a high-quality double napped cotton flannel material with cleaner built directly into the cloth. This helps eliminate the need for adding extra polish while still restoring and maintaining the luster of any instrument.

Untreated Polish Cloth

The Untreated Polish Cloth has the same high-quality double napped flannel design of the Pre-Treated Polish Cloth, but without the built in cleaner. This allows the user to clean more delicate surfaces while still picking up dust and dirt more effectively than using a regular cleaning cloth. The Untreated Cloth is also machine washable so it can be easily cleaned and reused after multiple uses.

Key Polish Cloth Features
  • The material of the Microfiber Cloth is woven into masses of “hooks & loops” that cut through stains and smudges.
  • The Pre-Treated and Untreated Polish Cloths are made of long lasting double napped cotton flannel.
  • The Microfiber and Untreated Polish Cloths can be used to clean both instruments and other delicate surfaces.

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